Hi there! I’m Andrea. I specialize in natural light portrait art and I am so pleased that you’ve found your way to my corner of the world.

When I'm not being a  photographer, I am homeschooling our daughters or shuttling our youngest to dance. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 17 years, and honestly wouldn't know what I would do without him.    I love God and my beautiful little life.  I’m a want to be vegetarian, and I love my  food spiced with jalapeños and Tony Chachere's or Franks hot sauce.  I drink nothing but water, except for my morning cup of coffee.   I'm a huge Doctor Who, Firefly and Sherlock fan, I can stay up all night vegged out on the sofa watching nothing but the Doctor. Ask me one of my favorite lines the doctor has said and I won't be shy telling you.  I might even cry when doing it.  Want to know what my favorite music is; each time you ask, I’ll tell you something different because my tastes change almost weekly! I believe that love and compassion can save the world. 

I've always had an interest in photography, but developed a passion for it when I held my first daughter. I quickly realized that I wanted and deserved much more than the impersonal and stock poses I was receiving at chain stores. This is where and how my journey began.

I long to capture beautiful, natural light and authentic emotions. These moments in time are often overlooked and typically fade away. As a  photographer, I love watching children play by the Gulf and families interacting. Moments like these, true to life emotions, are the essence of family and capturing them brings me absolute joy.  I love meeting new people, talking to them and then capturing a brief moment of their lives.  It is always a privilege when someone invites me to be a part of a significant time in their life, whether it be a vacation, engagement or wedding.   Photography provides me the opportunities to capture moments and tell stories, one frame at a time.